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Focus on building famous exhibition city, Tai’an holds City Exhibition Industry Development Conference

On the 1st of March, Tai’an holds City Exhibition Development Conference. The deputy secretary and mayor Wang Yunpeng attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference aims at arranging deployment of exhibition industry development, mobilizing different units in Tai’an to raise the awareness, in order to speed up the pace of exhibition industry, strive to build domestic influential conference and exhibition city.

The objective of Tai’an exhibition industry development are: based on the city’s transportation, industrial basis, tourism resource and the advantage of Mount Tai, to implement the development strategies of “standardization, professionalization, brandinginternationalization’, provide more government support, optimized development environment of exhibition industry, standardize the rule of the exhibition industry market, speed up the path of the conference and exhibition, improve the development of the service industry, promote city’s construction and management, improve city international influence, in order to become a famous conference and exhibition city in China.

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