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Ningyang Economic Development Zone

Shandong Ningyang Economic Development Zone is a provincial development zone, and the planning control area is 80 square kilometers, and a modern industrial cluster led by the modern machinery manufacturing industry and supported by the auto parts, electric transmission and transformation equipment and fine chemical engineering has taken initial shape.

In 2009, the county party committee and the county government planned to build Mount Tai’s Yang Technology Industrial City taking Ningyang economic development zone as its core and reformed the management system of Ningyang economic development zone. The management area of the park has been enlarged to 25 square kilometers from the original 4 square kilometers and the area of the control zone has reached 80 square kilometers, whose land attribute has been adjusted correspondingly. The industrial projects construction, infrastructure construction and new community construction have gain many achievements, and the industries has gathered quickly to promote the economic power, which has played a role of window, radiation, demonstration and leading.

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