Home-Development Park
Dongping County Riverside New District

The planning area of the park is 90 square kilometers among which the area of the core area is 40 square kilometers. The seven industry groups including advantages industry, mineral industry circular economy, strategic emerging industry, science and technology innovation industry, modern logistics, public service and ecological residence have been planned and constructed to form a new industrial development structure supported by competitive industries such as mining and chemical engineering etc, focusing on emerging industries such as logistics, new material, new energy, medicine and food, circular economy and advanced manufacturing industry, led by high-end service industries including scientific research innovation, technology service and enterprise hatch etc to endeavor to make a two high and one low (high-end, high efficiency and low carbon) modern industry city.

The riverside new district of Dongping has specially planned logistics industrial park, Mount Tai Grain and Oil Technology Industrial Park, Mount Tai Tax-protected Zone, Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, Circular Economy Industrial Park, E-business Industrial Park and Large Health Industrial Park etc, which can undertake all kinds of projects such as electronic commerce, logistics, food and beverage processing, equipment manufacturing, circular economy and large health industry etc, and also cooperate with big enterprises at home and abroad to build park within park.

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