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Tai’an Mount Culai & Wen River Scenic Spot

The Mount Culai & Wen River scenic spot is located in the southeast of Taian city and the total planning area is 293 square kilometers, among which the Mount Culai area takes 185 square kilometers and the Wen River area takes 108 square kilometers. The scenic spot has excellent ecologic, historical and cultural resources and also regional advantages, which makes it the strategic development area of the development policy of Taian city-- from building around the mountain to near the mountain and by the river.

Mount Culai in the scenic spot is the sister mountain of Mount Taishan, and the main peak of Taiping summit is only 25 kilometers away from the Yuhuang summit of Mount Taishan, and its elevation is 1027.8 meter. Mount Culai has the plant coverage rate of more than 90% and is a national forest park and a World Geopark.

The Wen River runs through the area between Mount Taishan and Mount Culai and has the runoff volume of 1 billion cubic meter each year as the largest tributary. It has formed a large water surface with the backwater of 25 kilometers, water area of 11 square kilometers, and water storage of 40 million cubic meter, and also wetland landscape of 18,000 mu. In 2014, it was rated as a national wetland park.

The Qiaogou hot spring in the scenic spot has geothermal water of about 16 hectare and the mixed water temperature can reach 45 . It has high water temperature, large water volume, good water quality and more than 20 kinds of microelement good to peoples health, which has reached the medical value standard and mineral water naming standard.

The scenic spot has highlighted its five characteristics of tourism, culture, sport, leisure and ecology, and has formed from the east to the west the big tourism landscape of sacrifice offering at Mount Liangfu, Buddha worship at Guanghua temple, blessing praying at Bixia Garden, history searching at Boyang City and leisure at Tianze lake. It is overall planned into two core areas and five districts, which are central core area, Mount Culai tourism core area, science and technology research and development district, health maintenance resort district, waterfront entertainment district, leisure and sports district and upscale living district.

Development Prospect:

Tourism of Tai’an city has provided plenty traveller source for the industrial development in the scenic spot and laid a foundation for the development of the tourist industry in the scenic spot. It will become a new name card of Taian city and a new economic growth point grasping the historic opportunity when the Shandong peninsula urban agglomeration is on the rise and the leisure vacation area around Jinan city is forming. The competitiveness of Taian tourism will be upgraded and the new upgrade of Taian tourist destination will be promoted.

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