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Tai’an Tourism Economic Development Zone

Tai’an Tourism Economic Development Zone is a provincial tourism resort set up under the approval of Shandong Provincial Government. It is located in the west of Taian city and the total planning area is 23.96 square kilometers with the Tianping lake of 3.5 square kilometers situated in the center of this zone. It has 15 villages with the population of 19,000. This zone has beautiful environment and well-proportioned landform in wihich hills, lakes, brooks and valleys have constituted a natural landscape, and mountain peaks are reflected in and shining with the water of Tianping lake. Tianping lake has good ecological environment and fresh water of State Class standard, and there are flocks of migratory birds such as swans, grey cranes, wild ducks coming in winter every year. The development zone has superior location and convenient traffic. It is the extension and complement of Mount Taishan scenic spot and an important tourism service reception base of the Mount Tai -- Qufu -- Jinan tourism circle, and adjoins the Taian station of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and the Taian west exit of Beijing-Shanghai highway, moreover, it only takes 1.5 hour of driving from Taian to Jinan Yaoqiang international airport. This zone has complete artery such as Huanhu Road, Binhu Road, Panhe Street and perfect municipal pipelines of water, electricity, gas, heating, communications etc. It is a geomantic treasure land of investment and enterprise of domestic and foreign businessmen.

In recent years, the tourism economic development zone has kept a foothold on industrial development and market discipline, used the experiences and lessons from the construction and development of nonlocal resorts for reference, adjusted and innovated the original functional orientation of this zone, creatively put forward the functional orientation of relaxing vacation, cultural tourism, high-end industry and headquarters economy, and given full play to the advantages of location, resources, transportation and environment. According to the newly adjusted plan of orientation, ecological civilization and high-quality development are highlighted. It has insisted on high quality and developed health industry in order to leave the people of Taian with clean lands and water. Since the last year, more than 100 large enterprise groups from the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai have come to this zone to visit and negotiate. At present, there are 13 projects such as Mount Taishan Innovative Science and Technology Culture Zone and Mount Taishan International Organic Health Center etc already signed successfully, and major tourism projects such as China Youth Tourism Mount Taishan Longxi International Tourism Resort and Hangzhou Songcheng Group Mount Taishan Eternal Love City have been constructed.

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