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Mount Taishan of China

Tai’an is a cultural tourism city and has a national key scenic spot -- Mount Taishan within its borders. Mount Taishan, also named as Dongyue, has a total area of 426 square kilometers, and the elevation of its main peak is 1545 meters. Mount Taishan has extensive and profound history and culture and magnificent natural scenery, which makes it praised as Chief of the Five Renowned Mountains in China and the First Mountain Under the Heaven. The sacrifice ceremony of ancient emperors and worship of people here have left abundant human and cultural landscape for Mount Taishan, which is the miniature of Chinese culture. In 1984, Mount Taishan was listed in the first batch of national key scenic sites by the State Council. In 1987, it was classified as World Natural and Culture Heritage by UNESCO. In 1998, it was confirmed to be listed in the first batch of national civilized scenery tourist area demonstration sites.

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